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After catching a taxi from Budapest Airport, me and Paul got off here: Oktogon, one of Pest's biggest and busiest intersections. Caterina Hostel (where we spent our first two nights) is located in building on the right.

Nyugati ter, a bustling precinct just a short walk from me and Paul's flat.

Nyugati ter: not the prettiest place I've been to in Europe.

The Westbahnhof (Western train station) on Nyugati ter.

The Westbahnhof at night.

The neo-Classical grandeur of St Stephen's Basilica.

Me and Paul visited the Basilica at night, but didn't get to see the interior as it was locked.

The Basilica, as seen from the opposite side of the Duna.

Hungary's Parliament house, located on the Pest side of the Duna River. Definitely gives the House of Commons a run for its money.

These carriages transport tourists to the Royal Palace, which is situated on top of a hill.

The Royal Palace at night, with the famous Széchenyi Chain Bridge in the foreground.

Hungarian coins (forints).

Hungarian banknotes (forints).

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