The photos below were not taken by me, but I've included them here to make up for the massive visual gaps in my European diaries. I've also included photos of evocative objects and logos, as well as the various currencies I used throughout my travels.

Austrian Airlines. Destination: the European Dream.

Inside Vienna airport.

Cat 3: me and Paul's first experience of Vienna's clean, efficient and accessible public transport system.

After catching the Cat 3 from Vienna airport, me and Paul got off here: big, bustling Westbahnhof train station, just a short walk from Wombat's Hostel.

The reception area at Wombat's. It was here that I first met Emili, who had just arrived by train from Germany.

The bar at Wombat's Hostel is where I first tried a Jager Bomb: a shot of Jagermeister (German herbal liquer) placed inside a glass of Red Bull.

Vienna's U-bahn: makes sight-seeing in the city a breeze.

Stephansplatz (St Stephen's Square), one of the U-bahn's busiest stations and a natural first stop for tourists.

The dark but beautiful interior of St Stephen's Cathedral.

Entrance to the Royal Sector. From memory, the hole in front of it contains Roman ruins.

The very impressive Hofburg Palace, former residence of the Hapsburg Emperors.

The Opera House.

Austria's version of Baker's Delight, Anker is incredibly popular among locals as a quick snack source, and its wheat-stalk logo can be seen virtually everywhere around Vienna.

A Gluhwein stall, possibly the very one me and Paul bought our first (and only) sample from. Gluhwein is a hot spicy wine popular among Europeans in winter-time.... personally, I couldn't stand it.

A miniature-sized packet of Sisu (Finnish liquorice lollies), exactly the kind Elisabet gave me in Vienna.

Euro coins.

Euro banknote.