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Logo of Polish National Railways.

Typical interior of a PKP train couchette. Me and Paul had to sit in one of these for 12 HOURS on the way from Hungary to Poland.

The make-shift reception desk at Oki Doki Hostel.

The House of the Centre: me and Paul's private room at the Oki Doki.

The vast expanse of Pilsudski Square, formerly the site of a palace which was destroyed during World War 2.

Forecourt of the Presidential Palace.

Outdoor beer cafes are abundant in summertime, Okocim being my personal favourite :)

From smoking rubble to glittering metropolis: Warszawa panorama at night.

Lazienki Palace (Palace on the Water): the summer residence of Poland's kings.

Polish coins (groszy/zloty).

Polish banknote (zloty).

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