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I've always loved electronic music. When I was a kid, I used to nag my dad to play Kraftwerk's The Robots over & over again - the synthetic sounds and vocoder vocals fascinated me, and 15 years on that fascination is still as strong as ever - hence this website.

A friend of mine gave me an old copy of FruityLoops a while ago and, like the first time I heard The Robots, it had me completely hooked. This time I wasn't just listening to electronic music, I was creating it in my own virtual studio. What started off as idle curiousity soon turned into an obsession, and many nights followed in which precious sleep was exchanged for just another hour (then another, then another) in front of my PC, tweaking everything until it was just right... then tweaking it all over again the following night.

Now it's March 2008; I've just finished my seventh track and decided it's time to share the fruits of my labour - so download and enjoy :)










Check out my YouTube channel for video clips featuring some of the above tracks, as well as one not included here.

I've also uploaded a couple of mixes under the moniker 'Dr Zupan' over at DJ Passion.