Czesc Justyna!

Well, there's only three days to go before I fly off to Winter Wonderland and to be honest, it's hard to even believe that I'm going! For so long it's been a matter of months & weeks, whereas now, all of a sudden, it's just a few more DAYS before me & Paul are walking around admiring the beautiful architecture of Vienna, freezing our arses off and eating the biggest schnitzels we've ever seen.

[     .     .     .     .     .     ]

By the way, depending on how soon you write back you might not get a reply from me for a while, coz I'm gonna be pretty busy over the next few days.... There's so much going on at the moment I can't wait just to get on that plane to Vienna and know that for the next two months, I don't have to do anything at all except eat, drink, sleep and admire the beautiful girls & buildings in Krakow :-)

Anyway, I gotta run.... you can go & dance on the bed now :-P


Ladies and gentlemen of the mailing list.

In exactly three little days, me and my associate Paul Stephens (who, as of 25 November, will assume the new identity of Pawel Zbigniew Stefanski) are going to Europe. As some of you would know, this trip has actually been in the making for more than three YEARS. It first came to life at 3 o'clock in the morning, during a 'LAN' at the Andersson Estate in early January 2001. In one of those random, retrospectively silly conversations you can only have at 3 in the morning, me & Tim began earnestly discussing the prospect of going to Europe, and it was a discussion which never really ceased until about September that year, when the evil Baron von Harkonnen refused to learn the Infidel language of the Magyars, thus throwing all of our plans into the cold, bitter wind (or so Tim tells it). The idea then lay dormant for ages, only to be revived earlier this year during an alcohol-induced conversation between me and Mr P Z Stefanski. From there it flourished, like weeds in an unkempt backyard, and all of a sudden, I had gone from sitting at Cookie Bar, musing about what it'd be like to be in Krakow right now, to sitting opposite a decidedly awkward and jittery Polish travel agent, discussing me & Paw's flight details to Europe. And now here I am, sitting at my dad's laptop with only three days to go, in imminent need of a nappy in case I wet myself with excitement.

So. Why am I ranting about all of this; to make the rest of you feel bad? No. The reason I'm ranting about all of this (apart from the fact that it serves as a distraction from studying) is because, of course, I'd like to see you all one last time before I head over to that Winter Wonderland. So what I propose is this:

Drinks at Half Moon (right near Middle Brighton station), 7:30--10:30 on Wednesday night (PLEASE NOTE THAT IT'S WEDNESDAY, COZ I THINK I TOLD SOME OF YOU TUESDAY).

I don't intend for this to be a pis-up, partly coz I need to save every penny from now on for the trip; partly coz I don't want to get on the plane on Thursday with that toxic, "I'm never even gonna SNIFF vodka again" feeling in my stomach. Partly too coz I need to save my liver for the harcore battering it'll receive over the next two months. So by drinks I don't mean obnoxious, fall-over-and-knock-yourself-out-on-a-urinal drinks; I mean, nice, sophisticated, "did you hear Newscorp shares went up again" drinks. (Y'know what I mean.)

Hope to see yers all there!

Me and Nath.... we weren't discussing Newscorp shares.