It's been a long time coming but here it is: the Complete Illustrative History of Me & Dom's Asian Adventure. To be honest it's not actually complete at all - Ankor Wat & Surin have been completely left out, among other things - but I'll get the rest of the pics later and maybe send out a second e-mail. Even so, these photos cover a fair bit of what we did during the sober/daylight hours, especially the amazing temples we visited in Siam Reap. It'd take me half a day to write captions for all of 'em but they pretty much speak for themselves... the first lot are obviously of the Face Temple, Temple of Doom & Jungle Temple, and the rest are of Bangkok + a bit of Koh Samet, taken with my mobile phone. I have to say at this point that the Koh Samet ones don't do any justice to what was pretty much Heaven on Earth, but hey - I guess you'll just have to go & see the reality for yourselves!

May Buddha's blessing be upon you all.


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